Pre-Employment Assessment Pricing For Every Budget

At Workzinga, we believe effective hiring starts with recruiting for culture. Whether you’re a large or small business we have a pricing plan that works for you – so you can focus on getting the insights you need to make better hiring decisions.

The Discover Platform

Access to our company culture assessment tools is $199/month plus additional assessment usage. All plans include:

  • Unlimited users
  • 3 assessments per month
  • Dedicated account and support specialists
  • Volume discounts

Questions? Check out our Culture Fit Assessment FAQ below.

Culture Fit Pro

$55 per additional completed assessment

Measures 26 characteristics:

Company Ideals:

Discover the values, environment, and atmosphere that your company fosters.


Find out what kind of leadership and motivation your managers use with their current team.

Job Persona:

Look at the specific behavioral and personality characteristics that make someone successful in a role.

Culture Fit Lite

$35 per additional completed assessment

Measures 12 characteristics:

Company Ideals:

Discover the values, environment, and atmosphere that your company fosters.



Frequently Asked Questions

Your question not listed below? Reach out to us on social or through our Contact form and someone from our Zinga Experience team will follow up with you within 24 hours!

I love it! How does my company get started?

Awesome! We are excited to work with you. You can either get started by clicking the subscription button above or you can contact us at to speak with someone or schedule a demo!

Bottom line me...what's it gonna cost?

There is a monthly subscription fee for access to the Discover Platform and then you also have access to all of our published assessments and pay for those based on how many are completed each monthly billing period which starts the day you start your subscription.

How does the pricing work for Discover?

You pay a monthly subscription for access to the Discover Platform and assessments will be charged each month for what was used in the previous period.

How do payments work?

Payments are charged monthly to the payment source on file. The payment represents your next month of software access as well as last month’s completed assessments. Receipts with invoices are emailed to the billing contact email on file. You can login to your billing portal and update payment settings or cancel your subscription anytime.

Are pricing discounts available?

You betcha! Our assessments utilize graduated volume discounts. As your usage in the month increases you can move to a cheaper price per assessment. You can view the volume pricing tiers for each assessment on the checkout screen but before you finalize your subscription.

How do I cancel my account?
Well it’s sad to see you go…but just log into the Billing Portal with the same credentials you use for the Discover application and click on Manage button
What is Discover?

We are excited about the launch of our software platform named Discover. Our solution helps companies learn about themselves, understand their job applicants more throroughly and “discover” the amount of alignment between the culture you are offering and the culture your candidates are seeking. Our research shows that when an employer and employee are aligned on their culture preferences – people stay longer – they work harder – and they have better mental wellbeing.

Currently we offer the Culture Fit Assessment, both the Pro and Lite versions, on the Discover platform.

How does the Culture Fit Assessment alleviate pain points for hiring managers?

The Culture Fit Assessment allows you to determine how well aligned your applicants are with your positions, your leadership, and your company atmosphere. With stronger culture fit, teammate engagement is improved. The results: a reduction in the cost of recruiting, improved longevity of your workforce and increased creativity, productivity, and wellbeing in your teammates.

Does Discover interface with my Applicant Tracking System?
Discover is an excellent addition to the processes you are already using. The report can be exported for you to send to hiring managers and interviewers during the recruiting process. Future enhancements will include building an interface with popular ATS products on the market, contact our team about your specific ATS.
Who can I contact for technical support?

Contact your Partner Relations Manager for assistance with your account. You can also contact our Experience Team at

How will my data be used?
Workzinga’s privacy policy can be viewed at