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Our team of clinical psychologists and psychometricians has created a unique Culture Fit Assessment. We are able to show both company and candidate their true culture alignment based on 26 characteristics!!

Our product helps companies reduce attrition, increase productivity, and boost creativity. We help people learn more about themselves. The research is in and it’s time we know more about each other before we start working together.

What is Company Culture?

Achieve your goals through alignment

We scientifically align employers and candidates on company culture. This alignment helps reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, and increase your chance of hiring the best person for the job and for your company. Reach out to get started today!

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What is Culture?

Workplace culture is all about relationships, and how you relate to everyone else at work. It is the overall attitude, beliefs, and feelings you get when you walk into a job. Companies have needed to be more intentional about culture than ever. In today’s workplace, there are so many generations, personalities, and work styles coming together and intentional attention needs to be taken to create culture. It doesn’t just happen.

HR Tech 2022
September 13, 2022 - September 16, 2022
How is HR changing and evolving? Tech is making some waves, including our own Workzinga suite of technologies! Join us at HR Tech 2022 to learn more about the innovation happening here at Workzinga as well as others leading the way! 
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