Cultural Alignment Assessment Tools for Recruiting

91% of managers in the U.S. say a candidate’s alignment with the company culture is equal to or more important than skills and experience.

Our validated company culture assessment tools accurately measure the alignment between your candidates and your company culture.

Workzinga Cultural Fit Assessment Tool

Three Challenges To Hiring for Culture Alignment

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Companies lack an authentic and objective understanding of their own culture.
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Candidates lack the awareness and vocabulary to describe their preferred culture environment.
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Neither companies nor candidates can determine the true level of culture alignment simply from an interview.

What Our Culture Assessment Measures

The Workzinga Culture Alignment Assessment measures 26 characteristics to build an accurate and objective profile of both the company and the candidate. Our scientifically validated hiring assessment is a game-changer in the talent acquisition industry.

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Company Ideals




3 Easy Steps to Start Hiring for Culture

Company uses Culture Alignment Assessment to build their cultural fit profile
Company invites candidate to use Culture Alignment Assessment to build their cultural fit profile
Company and candidate use the profiles and alignment results to have a more engaging interview
“Knowing about a company’s culture, and especially the hiring manager’s leadership style before accepting a job offer is awesome. In my history it makes the recruiting process much more efficient. There are so many different cultures, and there’s a different culture for everyone. It’s just about finding your fit.”

Mark M.
SVP Leadership Development

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2nd Annual Workplace Culture Report

Workzinga is a leading voice in understanding the impact company culture has on both organizations and their employees. Listening to the voices of our workforce is critical to both company success and long-term satisfaction of employees. Download our free report and learn how culture fit in the workplace is impacting your employees!

Workplace culture report