The Human Factor: Achieving Goals Through Workplace Cultural Fit

Blog / The Human Factor: Achieving Goals Through Workplace Cultural Fit

by | May 18, 2022 | Workzinga News

We understand how difficult hiring can be. You have limited information to make an extremely important decision. And hiring managers end up making their decision based on the candidate’s hard skills.

But this can often lead to making the wrong choice…and then you end up right back where you started; with an open position that needs filling…again. Why?

Because hard skills aren’t the only assets you should be considering when hiring.

Bad Habits that Need Breaking

Choosing a candidate based solely on hard skills is like a bad habit. For a long time we’ve all just accepted this fast-paced cycle of constantly hiring based on hard skills.

But you can end this cycle of insanity by focusing on cultural fit.

That is why our team of clinical psychologists and psychometricians created our unique Culture Fit Assessment that matches companies and candidates on culture fit. When you know more about the candidates you are considering, it leads to making a better hiring decision–the first time!

Remember, personality rarely changes over our lifetimes, but hard skills can always be taught through training and upskilling. Which is actually something that candidates seek out when applying for jobs. They want the opportunity to improve their skills and move up in your organization.

Benefits Package

So what exactly can our Culture Fit Assessment do for you? Glad you asked!

We help scientifically align employers and candidates on company culture–more specifically we match you on 26 cultural alignment characteristics. We combine personality insights with soft skills (think communication skills, problem solving skills and organizational skills). This offers unique insights into a candidate and how well they can work with your existing team, how they handle disagreements with coworkers, and how resilient and motivated they will be– just to name a few!

We know what you are thinking, that’s pretty cool, but how does that benefit my organization?”

When employees fit in better with the company culture, this can lead to increased productivity and creativity. Employees also feel more motivated and it increases overall employee engagement. Plus, it also reduces turnover. In other words, you increase your chance of hiring the best person for the job and your company while increasing your profits and reducing attrition costs.


In order to help your organization hire top quality, motivated candidates that fit in with your company culture, we’ve revamped our website. Here, you can learn all about cultural fit and get to the human factor of hiring.

With our newly redesigned website, you can easily navigate to what your organization needs. We offer resources and a blog packed full of information so you can learn more about better ways of hiring.

We help find the right candidates who not only check off all the right boxes, but who align with your team culture too!

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