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And Why Culture Matters During the Hiring Process

It can be a jungle out there. You’ve probably heard the saying that “finding a job is like having a full-time job.” There’s so much to do just to apply, from updating your resume, to speaking with your references, applying and interviewing. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

And once you land a job, there’s a period of euphoria, excitement and anticipation. But we know that all too often, that happiness wears off as the job, or the company, just isn’t what you thought it was.

Too many people across all generations have experienced working for a company that just wasn’t a good cultural fit for them. But we are here to change the game. 

You might be wondering how it’s possible to change something that we’ve all just come to expect as the norm. But it truly doesn’t have to be this way. Companies don’t have to waste more resources going through the hiring process yet again and employees don’t have to jump ship when their personal fulfillment and happiness from their job suffers. 

An Idea to Change the Game

The pandemic changed everything–not just how we worked and where we worked from, but also the hiring process as well. But beyond that, it got a lot of people thinking about those changes and what it meant to them and even society at large. This really kicked the evolution of the current job market into overdrive. 

This created the perfect storm for the birth of Workzinga. Dan Hunter, his sister and his daughter, converged on the topic of the workforce and what could be done to improve the hiring process for everyone. 

Dan’s sister, Connie, was discussing the shifting job environment with him from a data perspective. At the same time, his daughter, Lauren, a psychology major, was working  on some independent study projects around personality testing. Together, the idea of improving the hiring process through personality assessments was born.

Going Beyond the Resume

We believe that candidates and businesses need to look beyond just resumes and job postings. Our unique assessment tools go to a deeper level, helping job seekers and hiring managers align on things such as core values, motivations, leadership and company culture. This empowers thoughtful and insightful conversations, making the recruiting process more successful for both sides. 

Why Does Culture Matter?

So why does culture matter? Why does it make such a big difference for job seekers and companies? Our research shows that when employees have a good cultural fit with the company they work for, they stay with that company for over six years! In comparison, those who had a negative cultural experience left in less than three years.

This isn’t just correlation, but causation! When people feel they don’t fit in or are not valued at work, they aren’t as happy with their job. Gone are the days of putting up with bad jobs–people want more in today’s world! They want personal fulfillment from work and if they don’t get something more than just a day’s wage, they will jump ship. 

In turn this can mean that companies are constantly having to go through the hiring process, which can really waste resources (time and money). But it’s not just the hiring process where you are losing out, but in worker productivity too. When workers are happier, our research found they were more productive and creative!  

So in other words, culture matters. It matters because a better fit means happier employees who stick around for longer and are more productive! 

Workzinga Just Works!

Our technology is changing the game. Job seekers no longer have to wait until they start a job to find out if a company is going to be a good fit for them. And companies no longer have to waste their valuable resources on constantly hiring the wrong fit.

We like to think of ourselves as the matchmaker for the working world. Our personality test isn’t just for job seekers, but companies too. Our goal is to provide insight for both sides. And our proprietary algorithm combines soft skills and personality insights, unlike other tests out there. 

Workzinga started with a few conversations around data, remote work, and online personas and grew into an idea that makes the hiring process more positive for everyone. So what are you waiting for?