The Great Resignation Reveals What Employees REALLY Want in a Job

Blog / The Great Resignation Reveals What Employees REALLY Want in a Job

Post-pandemic, we’ve seen a tidal wave of resignations and job switching. This phenomenon has been referred to as the Great Resignation.

But what has changed?

During the pandemic, many employees had time to reflect on what really matters to them, not just in their personal lives but at work too. We actually like to call this tsunami of change that is happening the Great Reflection. We think that term really matches what is actually happening.

So you may be left wondering what do employees really want in a job? Let’s break it down.

1 | Moolah

A paycheck certainly isn’t everything, but a significant number of workers continue to see it as one of the top factors when accepting a new job offer, even amidst all the reshuffling of talent. It could be that many employees feel they are worth more than what they are being paid. However another factor for this is that many wages are rising in response to intense competition for talent, and job seekers are seeing this as an opportunity to make more money.

2 | Balancing Act

With so many employees having gotten to work from home, many realized just how much a good work-life balance means to them. The pandemic really highlighted just how burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed many employees were pre-pandemic. And being able to work remotely allowed for greater flexibility. In order to attract top talent, organizations will need to offer flexibility in scheduling as well as from where employees work. Some are seeking hybrid options or fully remote and this doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

3 | Super Star

Employees also want to be able to do something that they enjoy doing each and every day. Millennials already had this figured out to some degree, willing to change jobs until they found one they truly enjoyed. But it seems some of the other generations are finally catching on. People no longer want to just be a warm body and accomplish mindless tasks. They want a job they find stimulating and enjoying, something they are naturally good at. When it comes to hiring, employers should take the time to understand what candidates are truly passionate and excited about. Also give candidates a good preview of what the job will be like, including a daily routine. This can help both you and the candidate make a more informed hiring choice.

4 | Stabilizer

With so much uncertainty during the pandemic, employees are also looking for stability. What security and stability are can differ from one employee to the next. But often it is based on what their future will look like with the company two or five years down the road. Show your employees that you are invested in them and their personal development. Also offer opportunities to advance within the company. When you show loyalty to your employees, they will show loyalty to the organization.

5 | Culture is King

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, employees want to work for a company who’s culture they can truly get behind and support! In fact, employees see it as so important that they are willing to leave a job if they don’t feel they are a good fit with the company culture. But when the fit is right, not only do they stick around for longer, they also have increased productivity and creativity as well as improved mental wellbeing!

But it’s not just about diversity and inclusiveness in ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation when it comes to workplace culture. It’s also about creating a workplace that isn’t toxic. People just aren’t willing to put up with gossipy coworkers, overbearing bosses or companies that only offer platitudes of inclusiveness anymore. Creating a positive culture starts from the top down, meaning your company may have to make some big changes. (Employee satisfaction or exit interviews can help you nail down what issues your organization may have.)

But you also need to ensure that when you do hire, you are hiring the right people. Hard skills are great, but can always be learnt if needed. However, personality doesn’t really change over our lifetimes. That is why it is so important to hire for soft skills and culture.

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