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Today’s working world is constantly evolving. Companies are having to deal with increasing demands and bigger changes at a lightning pace. 

And that means your team may be prepared for the jobs of today. But are they prepared for the jobs of the future?

While no one really knows what the future holds, it is important that your organization aids your employees in learning new skills so they can take on whatever comes their way. 

To do that, you need upskilling. Upskilling is the process of teaching your employees new skills so they can compete in the workplace of the future. Upskilling classes could be done in-house or you can also look into classes offered by schools or other third parties.

But what makes offering upskilling so valuable to companies is that you are literally setting your company up for success. When your employees succeed and can meet the challenges of the future, your organization succeeds! 

But don’t just think about the hard skills your employees will need for the future. Soft skills matter too. An MIT Sloan School of Management study found that training programs focused on soft skills delivered a 250% return on investment. Wow! 

Beyond that, offering opportunities for upskilling helps with employee retention. Employees want to be able to meet the challenges of the future and job seekers look for companies and jobs that offer professional development opportunities. In fact, a Gallup study on upskilling found that 65% of workers believe that employer-provided upskilling is very important when considering a job offer. So not only will upskilling help you retain your current employees, but it can even attract top talent to your company. 

Upskilling can literally change an employee’s life, giving them something to aspire to. But it can also change your organization for the better.