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And Other Things Job Seekers Look For When Considering a New Job

Today’s workers don’t mess around when it comes to finding a new job. They have some things that are high up on that priority list and if your company doesn’t meet those priorities, they will move on to the next employment opportunity. 

And if you don’t know what those priorities are, chances are, your company has already been passed up by top talent without you even knowing about it. Yikes! Or perhaps you have an idea of what those priorities are, but you aren’t sure. Either way, we’re here to help.

So what are those top priorities? And just how do you meet those needs? 

Let’s get into the breakdown.

Growth, Baby!

According to our latest research, a whopping 52% of people consider opportunities for growth and progression very important when considering a new job. And another 37% consider it important. That’s a whole lot of people looking to improve their skills and move up the career ladder–nearly 90% of job seekers to be exact! 

But have you asked yourself lately what your company does to offer opportunities for growth to its employees, even for those in the highest levels of management? If you haven’t sat down to think about this in a while, now is a good time to do just that. 

For those entering into non-management positions, the ability to move up the rungs into higher positions within the company is one way to offer growth and progression to employees. But some other ideas include paying for continuing education or paying for employees to go to conferences within the industry. Not only does this help employees improve their own skills and increase their knowledge, but your company can experience an improvement from it as well when they start doing even better work for you!

But don’t just jot down “opportunities for growth” in your job listing. Give job seekers a more concrete idea of the ways in which they can expect to grow and progress by accepting your job offer. 

Be Generous

Believe it or not, we aren’t talking about salary here! Rather, we are talking about generous HR policies, such as parental leave, sick leave, and bereavement leave. Today’s employees are looking for a good work-life balance and 45% of job candidates believe generous HR policies are very important when considering a new job. If you want today’s job seekers to even consider working for you, you’ll need to make sure they know they can take time off when they or their kid is sick. 

Be sure to review your HR policies on leave before posting that next job opening. Otherwise you may not attract top tier talent, and those who end up working for you will suffer in job satisfaction, which can affect their productivity and eventually, your bottom line. 

There’s Nothing Quite Like a Perfect Fit

Okay, we’ll admit, the perfect fitting pair of jeans is amazing, but you know what’s even better? A good workplace cultural fit between a company and it’s employees! A whopping 85% of job seekers believe that a good culture fit is important or very important when considering a new job. 

When an employee feels that their values align with the company’s values, it doesn’t just benefit the employee either. Not only did our research find that a good cultural fit leads to greater levels of happiness and satisfaction for the employee, but they also have a greater commitment to the company as well. In fact, 57% of job seekers said they would stick with an employer for longer if they liked the company culture. And that translates to you having to spend less resources on hiring a new employee again down the road. 

But how do you know that a job candidate would be a good fit with your workplace culture? Finding out a new hire isn’t a good fit sort of defeats the purpose of saving your resources on recruiting. With Workzinga, you don’t have to wait until after an employee starts a job to find out! Our personality test combines subjective, soft skills, and personality insights that will help your company find the right person for the job, both in skills and cultural fit. We are ready to help make your next hire a positive experience for everyone! All you have to do is take the company personality test to get started.