Understanding The Post-Pandemic Job Search

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5 Tips for Understanding How the Job Search has Changed

The recent pandemic affected our lives on a large scale and many of us are still adjusting to the “New Normal.” But COVID-19 didn’t just change how we work (a la Zoom conference calls). It also changed the job search and hiring process. The Post-Pandemic job search looks different than before. The rules have changed in subtle and big ways. 

All this upheaval can be both exciting and confusing at the same time. How do you know what is the best job search engine? Is remote work right for you? Are you looking to make a change in your career? Does your resume really shine? These are probably some things that have been going through your head if you are searching for a new job. 

Uncertainty can trip you up and we know there is nothing better than being prepared for things like job interviews! So we’re here to help you unpack the new normal of the job search with five things you should take into consideration about how the process has changed. 


What is it that you hope to achieve? It’s a pretty standard interview question. But companies aren’t just looking for warm bodies to fill positions. They want someone who is excited to come to work, who wants to grow and learn new skills and someone who wants personal fulfillment. So take some time to really think about what your goals are, what your aimes are. Not only can it help you understand what jobs are most relevant to you, but it can help you better answer that question in an interview!

The Post-Pandemic Job Search Application & Interviewing Process

The process of submitting your application for an opening has already been largely moved online. But technology continues to improve and many of the processes that were once done by humans in HR are now being automated. Make sure that you pay special attention to key words and requirements in job posting and to sprinkle them in your cover letter and resume. This will give you a better chance of passing the computer system checks helping your resume land on the desk of an actual recruiter. 

Once you get to the interview process, you can still expect some new aspects to the hiring process. While things are getting back more to normal, face-to-face interviews are becoming less commonplace, while phone and video interviews are increasing in popularity. Often, you’ll find that phone or video interviews might be the first of multiple interviews (something many companies are doing these days) with an in-person interview offered if the company likes you enough to advance you through the hiring process. And if you are looking to do remote work, you will find that a video interview is the only type of interview you’ll get. Be sure that you test your tech, particularly for a video interview, such as your camera and microphone. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot!

You Got Skills!

Employers are on the lookout for top talent to fill their open positions. Now is the best time to brush up on some of the most sought-after skills, whether those are general or industry-specific. 

  • Tech Skills: Even if you aren’t working in the tech industry, most companies use a lot of technology to do every day work. Whether that is computing, collaborative tools like Slack, or even analytics, be sure to learn about the latest tech that is relevant to your industry.
  • Communication Skills: Great interpersonal and communication skills are essential for securing a job these days. Brush up on good communication and interpersonal skills and if you are working in a customer service type role, be sure to think about how you build relationships with customers across a variety of channels.
  • Job-Specific Skills: If you feel you are lacking in or need a refresher on some industry-specific skills, consider taking a course or qualification to build or refresh your knowledge. An education is never wasted!

The Post-Pandemic Job Search Celebrates Diversity

Diversity and inclusion have moved to the forefront of the job search and hiring process. More and more companies believe that with diversity comes better ideas and a greater chance to grow their organization. That doesn’t mean that you stand less of a chance if you’re a middle-aged white man. It’s something to be aware of. Be confident in your ability to bring something of value to the company and talk about what you can do for the organization, not just what they can do for you.

If diversity is just as important to you, consider looking up CEO and workplace ratings by race/ethnicity, gender identity, parental or caregiver status, disability, sexual orientation and veteran status. One place to find these ratings is on Glassdoor.com. 

The Post-Pandemic Job Search Care About Personality 

Office culture and how your personality fits in can make or break a job. When you feel like you don’t belong or that the company doesn’t value the same things you do, we know it can be hard to enjoy coming into work each day, even uninspiring. But how do you avoid working for or even considering a company that just won’t be a good fit in the end? With a personality test! We know what you are thinking, and we aren’t talking about those Buzzfeed quizzes you use to avoid that heap of laundry piling up! We are talking about a personality test that combines soft skills and personality insights. One that can match you up with companies that you’ll love working at, sort of like a dating app but for the job search. So where is this fancy “dating app” personality test? At Workzinga! Our proprietary algorithm works to match you up with companies that are looking for people with your exact skills and personality. Gone are the days of wasting time at jobs you end up not liking.