How a Culture Assessment Can Help You Avoid a Constant Hiring Loop

Blog / How a Culture Assessment Can Help You Avoid a Constant Hiring Loop

Ending the Insanity of the Constant Hiring Loop

It’s happened again. You realized the person you hired just isn’t the right fit.

Sure they had the qualifications you wanted on their resume, and they can accomplish the tasks at hand, but it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole when it comes to how they fit in at the office has caused some friction.  

Your new hire has realized the same thing, giving you their two-week notice after only a few months on the job. 

And now you are back where you started, posting the job again. It’s like a painful cycle of constant hiring. 

The Problem

So what went wrong? How do you keep it from happening again? How do you find the right person? These are probably all questions running through your head as you prepare to post the job opening again. 


Don’t post that job opening until you understand the real problem so you can end the insanity of constantly hiring. 

The problem with the current recruiting process is the concept of hiring for a resume. We place so much emphasis on the hard skills we are looking for that we forget about the person or personality behind the resume. 

Only using hard skills to vet and choose a candidate is just going right back to the same criteria that didn’t work before. In other words, you end up hiring the same kind of person repeatedly. And if that person didn’t work out the first time, what makes you think they will work out the second, third, or fourth time?

The Solution

So the solution is to consider more than just hard skills. You must consider a candidate’s personality and how it would fit in with your current office culture. 

When a person’s personality is more aligned with your office culture, you’ll reap many benefits. The first is that it lowers turnover rates and reduces attrition costs. Attrition is a costly pain point for companies, but when you hire for culture, you hire less often, meaning you cut the cost of turnover. 

Lowering turnover rates has a downstream effect. The benefits are not just monetarily but also on employee engagement and morale. When your office isn’t a revolving door for employees, it can improve employee engagement and morale. 

That improved engagement and morale means happy employees. And while the emotional and mental well-being of your employees is super important, it also means that they can do their best work. It’s a win-win for you and your employees. They have a high level of satisfaction in their work, and your company sees better ideas for the challenges that need to be overcome for success. 

Hiring for culture also supports your DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) efforts. Looking exclusively at hard skills such as education or years of experience can exclude certain people from your pool of candidates. But hiring for culture allows you to look at other qualities that people bring to the table, such as organization, leadership, and communication skills. It broadens your pool of candidates and improves your DEI hiring efforts. 

Ending the insanity of constant hiring can also help your frazzled recruiting team. They are stressed and maxed out. But when they don’t have to spend all their time focused on hiring, they can begin focusing on other duties that are just as important in the HR department. 

Does all of that sound great? We think it does! 

How to Hire for Workplace Culture

You might be wondering just how you can adequately assess someone’s personality and how well it aligns with your workplace culture. It may sound like an impossible task, but with Discover, it’s simple!

Discover is the best way to objectively identify candidates that have good cultural alignment with your organization. And we have the science and numbers to back that up! Workzinga’s team of clinical psychologists and psychometricians created a Culture Fit Assessment that is more comprehensive than any other pre-employment assessment on the market today. It shows both the company and the candidate their accurate culture alignment based on 26 characteristics. 

And we took the time to validate our science. This means that candidates and companies will get consistent results over time. This means you are getting accurate information about a candidate, allowing you to make better hiring decisions! 

Ready to stop spinning your wheels and make better hiring decisions? Sign up now to use Workzinga’s solutions and start seeing better culture alignment, lower turnover, and more productive, creative, and happy employees!