Why Workers Are Quitting and How it Impacts the Hiring Process

Blog / Why Workers Are Quitting and How it Impacts the Hiring Process

Hiring During The Great Resignation

There has been a sea of change. You’ve probably felt it or have at least heard stories from friends or family. As the pandemic moves more and more into the rearview mirror, workers are quitting and changing jobs at a record pace. The business world, including professors, have taken note of this brobdingnagian switch up and Anthony Klotz, Associate Professor of Management at Texas A&M University referred to this massive change as the “great resignation.”

Why is the Great Resignation Happening?
But why are workers quitting their jobs at such a historic pace and how does your company handle that huge flux? Plus, how do you keep those new employees around for years to come? Because we all know that hiring is a time consuming and sometimes expensive process!

“…I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore!”
Okay, so your employees who are quitting probably aren’t mad as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks, but they are moving on for several key reasons: money, passion, values, and happiness. But why the sudden change for so many people? The pandemic led to many reevaluating our priorities and values, including how we spend our time. 

Dollah Dollah Bills
Money is one of the most straightforward reasons people are quitting and moving on. Now that the world is starting to reopen, businesses are looking to hire and many are luring in candidates with higher wages. It can be hard to resist the call of making more, especially after such a hard time the past year and a half for so many people. 

Passion Pit
Sometimes the littlest seeds turn into the biggest plants, and many of us nurtured new passions during the pandemic. While we were all stuck at home, a lot of people picked up new hobbies to pass the time. Discovering these new hobbies inevitably led to many wanting to make a career out of those new passions. Some workers have quit to start a new business of their own while others quit to find a job in an industry that fulfills their new passions. 

Personal Fulfillment is a New Must
Many people are discovering what a lot of Millennials and Gen Z have already known–working somewhere that brings personal fulfillment and makes you happier, is just plain better. Working from home or worse, losing your job to the pandemic, had many reevaluating what they want from their job. Gone are the days of people working just to make a living. People are looking for more. Perhaps they are looking for flexibility so they can spend more quality time with family. Or maybe they want to feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themself. While others want to learn and progress. Overall, many have decided they want to work for a company that aligns with their personal values and if they aren’t getting that from their current job, they are ready to move on to something better. 

So What Can My Organization Do to Weather the Storm?
You might be feeling like the waves are a bit choppy from all the upheaval. So what can you do to weather the storm and make sure you are hiring the right people? Checking in with your employees to see what they are needing can be a direct way to figure out. You’ll probably hear answers like more flexibility and hybrid or remote working options. Consider offering these to keep your top talent. If you can afford it, offering a pay raise can also help you compete for top talent or keep your top talent. Also, consider offering your employees the ability to grow and progress in their jobs. Giving them opportunities to have mentorships, go to conventions or even get certifications on the company dime can give them more fulfillment and it can also help your company in the long run as they will deliver better work! 

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