How to Disrupt the Job Search and Actually Get Noticed By Recruiters

Blog / How to Disrupt the Job Search and Actually Get Noticed By Recruiters

6 Ideas to Help you Stand Out in a Job Search

Feel like you are drowning in a sea of job seekers? You might not be the only one feeling that way. There’s a big shift in the workplace right now and that means a lot of people are looking to get hired. But even without all the recent upheaval, the job marketplace is noisy and it can be easy to get lost in the masses. So how do you stand out and land that dream job? With a few unique ideas and some persistence, you can easily get noticed in a job search. Here are our top tips for disrupting the job search and getting noticed by recruiters! 

1 | Link Up on LinkedIn

Create an appealing LinkedIn profile and set the setting that you’re open to work. Recruiters spend hours scouring the platform in search of high performers. So polish up that profile by adding a professional looking headshot, using action words and listing your accomplishments. 

Don’t forget to ask people for recommendations or endorsements. The best way to get those recommendations is by doing the same for others, making it more likely they’ll return the favor. 

Also be sure to connect with the company on LinkedIn and key employees before applying for a job. Networking ahead of time can really help you stand out over those who apply “cold.”

2 | Show, Don’t Just Tell

Don’t just tell, but show prospective employers what you can do. Create an online portfolio that showcases the best samples of your work. And don’t forget to have your relevant work easily accessible for the job you are applying for. For example, if you are looking to be hired by a fashion company, showing off your work with medical companies won’t win you any favors with the right people. 

Don’t think that portfolios are only for artists, photographers or designers. A portfolio can be for any type of work, including construction projects, research findings and so much more!

3 | Bright Idea

Don’t be afraid to bring fresh ideas or an interesting perspective to the table. This can be a very unique way of catching the attention of the company, particularly startup leaders. In essence, what you are doing is offering value to the company. So don’t just sell yourself as a great employee, sell your unique ideas as well. 

4 | Cover it in the Cover Letter

It’s important to remember that the people doing the hiring are probably going to read through a lot of cover letters and probably enjoy reading them about as much as you enjoy writing them. To stand out, add a little personality to your cover letter. You still want it to be professional, but think about how you can make it engaging. Also, use this time to sell your skillset in a way that helps solve the company’s problems or helps them reach their goals. This shows that you have done your research on the company and can give you a leg up over other candidates. 

5 | Many Thanks

After your interview, follow up right away with a personal thank you note that references some specific parts of the conversation you had. And if you didn’t bring any ideas to the table before or during the interview, this can be a good time as well to offer up suggestions or ideas. This can help bring you back front of mind post interview, which can be helpful, especially if they interviewed quite a few candidates. But remember, keep it short and sweet–they don’t want to read a seven paragraph thank you note!

6 | The Video Touch

Today, it’s easier than ever to make a video message, whether you use your phone or webcam, or look into tools like BombBomb, Bonjoro, or even Loom’s free Chrome Extension. 

But, answer this for us: when was the last time YOU got a video message in your inbox? Odds are, your recruiter or hiring managers haven’t received one recently either. Sending one to thank them, introduce yourself, or share other information might just be the cherry on top to show them who you are, and that you’re pretty frickin’ amazing!

7 | Personality Perfection

Finally, personality can be a big factor in finding the right job for you! At Workzinga, we understand how important it is to find a company that aligns with your values and personality. 

So why waste time applying to places you’ll just end up leaving because you feel like you just don’t fit in? 

Workzinga’s personality test is for job seekers and companies alike, allowing you to find the employers with the workplace culture that fits your personality best. It can also be a great way to be found by potential employers who are scouring the interwebs for great candidates. Companies also hate to waste time and resources on constantly rehiring for a position because personalities didn’t mesh. In fact, many companies view workplace culture and personality as more important than skills–so take that personality test and land that job you love going to 5 days a week!