Reflections on 30 Years in HR with Lisa Perez, CEO of HBL Resources


From navigating layoffs of over 200 people, after September 11th, to helping managers understand more about themselves – Lisa Perez has seen a lot in human resources over the years. And when the Department of Labor reaches out to better understand your processes and procedures; that’s always a good sign. 

Interviews are not a one way street

After 30 years in the game, Lisa will be the first to tell you that hiring is a two-way process. Especially as younger generations come into the fold in a post-pandemic world. These days it is just as much about how a company presents itself to its candidates as a candidate appears to a company.

“I’ve always had the philosophy that employees should be looking at the culture fit. And we, as organizations should look at the culture fit as well.”

Luckily we’ve got culture fit down to a science here at Workzinga. Our patented Culture Fit Assessment is a 2-way assessment that measures 26 unique characteristics to find the level of alignment between your company and your candidates. For an inside look at how it works, schedule a demo today!