Our Top 5 Must-See Things to Do in NOLA

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by | Jun 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Check Out These Fun and Iconic Locations in New Orleans while at SHRM22!

As huge HR nerds, we are super excited about SHRM22 (See us at Booth #3349)! But we are also stoked that this year’s conference is being held in New Orleans! This iconic American city is full of life, music, laughter, and of course, good food and drinks! 

Here are our five must-see things to do while in New Orleans. 

Visit the Heart of the French Quarter

No trip to NOLA is complete without a visit to the iconic French Quarter. Here you’ll find the must-see Cafe du Monde, Jackson Square, and St. Louis Cathedral.

Start your tour of the French Quarter at the iconic Cafe du Monde (800 Decatur Street), where you can enjoy one of their world-famous beignets (a French-style doughnut doused in a heavenly layer of powdered sugar) and a cup of Chicory or other dark roasted coffee. 

After filling up on your share of beignets, head across the street to Jackson Square, one of New Orleans’ most recognizable landmarks. This National Historic Landmark is a 2.5-acre space where you can enjoy the open air, artwork by local artisans, and even get your portrait drawn. 

On the other side of Jackson Square, you’ll find the St. Louis Cathedral, where its triple steeples tower above the surrounding historic neighborhood. New Orleanians have been worshiping at this historic church since 1727. You can stop in anytime between 9 AM and 4 PM for a self-guided brochure tour of this great church or schedule a group tour in advance. (Don’t forget to check out the convent museum there!) 

Walk to French Market for Souvenirs

Like some European markets, this charming open-air market features plenty of shopping, dining, music, and local tradition that is uniquely NOLA! The French Market covers five blocks, from Cafe du Monde to the flea market at the end of Esplanade Avenue. Here you can load up on unique souvenirs and gifts made by local artists and craftsmen. 

Stroll Down Bourbon Street 

Bourbon Street is known for some pretty wild nights during Mardi Gras. However, it’s not just a street to bar crawl at night under the throb of neon lights! Take a stroll down Bourbon Street during the day to listen to some of the best jazz music you’ve ever heard in your life! Doors are thrown open wide on this street, so you’ll listen to it emanating from nearly every club and everywhere in between. 

Eat Creole Food

You can’t go to NOLA and not have Creole food! Here’s a little lesson for you–Creole and Cajun are different, so don’t use the two terms interchangeably when you hit up the restaurant scene. Cajun food has a distinct French influence, while Creole is more cosmopolitan, with roots in European, African, Native American, and Caribbean food cultures. Creole is known for rich sauces, local herbs, and the prominent use of seafood caught in local waters. We recommend taking a trip over to Drago’s for the best charbroiled oysters! (Drago’s is located at 2 Poydras Street.)

Ride a Street Car Down St. Charles Ave. 

Streetcars are synonymous with New Orleans, and what better way to spend a ride than checking out the splendor of St. Charles Avenue. While riding a classic green street car, St. Charles is lined with historic homes and buildings and splendid old oak trees!

Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleon 

Top off your day at the Carousel Bar and Lounge, a unique New Orleans bar located in the famous Hotel Monteleone. This merry-go-round bar has been revolving since its installation in 1949. Here, the drinks are just as unique as the atmosphere! You can sip on specialty cocktails while listening to quintessential live jazz music.