How to Stop Crying in Your Car and Find a Job You Love

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How to Love Your Job

We all use the car ride home to decompress after a long day at work, but if you are crying, feeling depressed or just downright angry about your situation, it could be a sign that your current job isn’t a good fit for you. In this article, we are taking a look at ten signs that it’s time to find a new job that you’ll love. 

1 | Singing the Blues

Does Monday feel like it’s looming over you on Sunday? You might have what’s called the “Sunday Blues.” If you feel higher levels of anxiety or have a bad mood on Sunday, you are probably disenchanted with your current job. Evaluate what makes you happy about work (excluding money). If this list is empty or short, it’s time to explore a new job. 

2 | Bored Out of My Mind

Do you feel challenged by work? Do you feel like you are using your skills and talents daily? If not, you could be bored with your job. We aren’t talking about a slowdown in work where you are waiting for things to pick back up again. We are talking about long-term boredom here. If work feels more like getting paid for chores, it’s time to think about new career opportunities. 

3 | Bigger than Me

Does your work have purpose? Do you feel it is meaningful and that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself? If the answer is no, your current job isn’t a good fit. While we all have an aspect of work we don’t love, we all crave using our talents to contribute to something more meaningful. 

4 | Just Keep Swimming…

Is Dory’s “Just Keep Swimming” song stuck in your head? If you feel like you are drowning and are overwhelmed, then your job isn’t a good fit–or good for your health! There is a difference between having a busy job and having one that is untenable. When you feel overextended at work, anxiety can take hold and further decrease your productivity. Remember that you aren’t just working for money, but for personal fulfillment. And if work is too stressful, it’s time to find a job that is more enjoyable.

5 | Get Physical

Does just thinking about work give you a headache? Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you notice changes such as headaches, mood changes or irritability, insomnia, or other physical reactions to stress or depression over your job, it’s time to make a change! 

6 | Ladders Up?

Do you feel like you are working with nowhere to go? Having no room for advancement or personal growth can lead to decreased job satisfaction. It can be disheartening to give it your all every day with no opportunity for promotion. If your current job doesn’t give you the opportunity for advancement, it’s time to look elsewhere for opportunities. 

7 | Zero Value

One of the things that can really cause a crying sesh on the car ride home is feeling like you aren’t valued at work. Some signs of this include your ideas being disregarded, no one asks for your thoughts or no one asks you for help. If your co-workers or your boss don’t value your input, ideas or even your work, it’s hard to not feel defeated and depressed over that. We all want to know that what we contribute to the company is valued by those we work with. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

8 | No Family Here

Do you feel like you just don’t fit in with your co-workers? Do you mesh well with your boss? Do you engage in projects or work activities? If the answer is no to these questions, this could spell trouble. You see these people 5 days a week and that makes them like a second family. But if you don’t look forward to seeing them every day, this can be a sign that your current job is not a good fit. 

9 | Culture Clash

Do your core values line up with that of your employers? What are these “core values” we speak of? This can be anything from how the company views the importance of environmental impact, to work schedule flexibility, to contributing to the community. Cultural fit can be one of the biggest reasons you may be experiencing unhappiness at work. In fact, 44% of employees say a good cultural fit leads to great job satisfaction and 57% say they are more likely to stay with an employer longer if aligned on culture.  So, if it feels like a clash of culture every day at work, it’s time to move on!

10 | You Clicked on This Article

If you are reading this article with interest, here’s your sign that you are unhappy with your current job. Think back to the last time you felt truly fulfilled by your job. If it’s been a while, it’s time to start searching for a new job. 

How to Stop Crying in Your Car and Love Your Job

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