Candidates Can Game the System, But They Can’t Game Culture!

Blog / Candidates Can Game the System, But They Can’t Game Culture!

Saying Game Over to Job Candidates Who Try to Game the System

We aren’t talking about lying here, though people (and companies) lie during job interviews. But that’s a different problem for another day.

Gaming the system during the hiring processes is a trick or strategy used to manipulate the process to a job seeker’s own advantage. Some candidates put a lot of effort in, memorizing answers the employer might want to hear. 

Preparation is the Name of the Game

There are many things people do to prepare for applying for a job and the interview, many of which aren’t gaming the system. After all, you do want people who show up prepared as this shows drive. These can include:

  • Doing research on the company
  • Doing research on the people who are doing they hiring
  • Talking to current or former employees of the company
  • Filling their cover letter and resume with keywords from the job listing (this is especially helpful in getting picked up by a computer system that screens candidates first)
  • Practicing for an interview (this can be both good and bad, depending on how much a candidate memorizes their answers)

Gaming the Hiring Process

In recent years, it has become apparent that interviews aren’t nearly as effective as they once were. Someone who interviews well won’t necessarily turn out to be a great hire. There are a ton of online resources available today that we just didn’t have in the past. In fact, websites like Glassdoor allow job seekers to see what their likely interview questions might be, allowing them to show up with overly rehearsed, canned answers to your questions. You can use open ended questions that force candidates to not rely on canned answers, but there is only so much this can help you in keeping them from gaming the system. 

You might think that skill or cognitive tests are the way to go as these are objective. But the reality is there are test prep sites online that sell test preparation materials. There are two scenarios to consider here: one is that the test prep site sells faulty study materials, the other is that the test prep site sells accurate study materials. Either way, job candidates who use these are not answering truthfully, leading to a poor assessment of the candidate. 

So how do you stop job seekers from gaming the system? 

You Can’t Game Culture!

Just like people, companies have a personality, and this is referred to as workplace culture, or office culture. Why is this important when it comes to hiring someone? When a new hire’s values, beliefs, and attitudes closely match that of the businesses, they not only stick around with the company for longer (meaning you spend less resources on hiring), but they are also happier (and happier employees are more productive)!

It’s nearly impossible to game culture. Why would a job seeker lie about their personality only to get a job they will eventually end up being unhappy at? No one wants that and a good salary can only make you so happy. 

Seriously–money can’t buy you love these days! Today, people want to work for a company that has the same values as they do. They want to have a job they are excited to show up to every day. 

But how do you get matched with candidates who have the skills you need and the personality that fits your workplace culture? Workzinga combines soft skills and personality insights, giving you more in-depth knowledge about job candidates, matching you with those that fit your company culture. We like to think of ourselves as a matchmaker for the working world. So swipe right on those matches and say game over to gaming the system!