Improving the Hiring Process Through Culture: Workzinga’s Backstory

Blog / Improving the Hiring Process Through Culture: Workzinga’s Backstory

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Workzinga News

What happens when you cross a business intelligence expert, a graduating college senior, and an endlessly curious leader? 

Three people, a pandemic, and an evolving job market created the perfect storm for the birth of Workzinga. Dan Hunter, along with his sister and his daughter, converged on the topic of the workforce in its current state and what could be done to make it better during the height of the pandemic. 

Dan’s daughter, Lauren, had recently graduated from Belmont University with a psychology degree and had been working on independent study projects around personality tests and measuring personalities in digital environments like video gaming. At the same time, his sister, Connie, was discussing the shifting job environment with Dan from a data perspective. She leads a business intelligence team for a company in Kentucky and got Dan’s wheels turning about how data could be applied to the hiring process. 

How To Find Jobs in a Changing World
Simply put, the job market has forever changed. With so many people being forced to work remotely, and now job hunting remotely, the work dynamics are completely different. How do you begin looking for jobs remotely? How do you get to know the company when you have no connection (geographically or otherwise) already? The pool for job seekers to search for their dream job opened up to infinite options. 

How To Improve the Hiring Process as a Recruiter
On the flip side, how does a company make the right hire? How do you really know if the person you’re interviewing is a good fit culturally? Sure, so many people can check all of the boxes, interview well, have the right degree, and look good on paper. But, there’s those soft skills, personality profiles, emotional intelligence, and other gut feelings that ultimately make someone the perfect fit. 

This is what our trio set out to explore. 

The resulting six weeks led to countless conversations between the three of them, toying around with how you could create a personality test that could objectively measure data points within personality, and how it could benefit BOTH job seekers and companies who are hiring. 

The result was Workzinga.

Dan has interviewed 1000+ people in his career, leading teams at companies like SmileDirectClub, Simplex Healthcare, HCA Healthcare, and DaVita. He knows that while it’s stressful for candidates looking for a job, it’s also a very real stress for hiring managers to make the right hire. The cultural fit is so critical. His advice? Hire for the person before the resume. That’s only possible when you have a tool like Workzinga.

Interview the Company Too
But remember…YOU are interviewing the company as well in your job search. It’s high time we stopped going after jobs in companies that we know won’t be a fit, or ones that end up not being a fit. Let’s be honest: a lot of times we apply, or accept, jobs we know in our gut are not a good fit. Instead, candidates can find insights about the environment and culture of the company they’re applying with during the hiring process. Stop wasting your time with companies that simply don’t align with your core values!  

Are there other personality tests out there? Other ways to assess personality in candidates? Sure. But, none combine soft skills and personality insights like Workzinga and none of them deliver insights on the personality of companies, all before the first interview has even occurred! Our proprietary matching algorithm provides just as much insight to the candidate as we do to the employee, making the interview process more efficient and effective.

With Workzinga, job seekers will find out a lot about a potential new gig and companies will learn more about a future new hire, with both learning more about themselves in the process! Workzinga is improving the hiring process, one interview at a time.