How to Hire Top Talent, The First Time Around

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How to Search for Candidates Looking for Jobs When the Pool of Candidates Seems so Low

Is your company having problems with a low pool of job candidates? 

Or maybe a low pool of top tier talent?

You might be wondering where all the job seekers are at. Remember when your mom and dad told you as a kid that just because you never actually saw the tooth fairy didn’t mean that there wasn’t a magical being scooping up your bicuspids and leaving behind money in exchange? 

Okay, okay, we know! You aren’t looking to hire a magical creature! But the same applies here. Just because you don’t see the job seekers or top tier talent, doesn’t mean they don’t currently exist! 

We understand hiring can be a pain in the you-know-what. It takes time, money, and energy. (Something that 99% could probably all use more of!) And even after everything you did to hire someone, you might sometimes still feel like it maybe wasn’t the best hire because your candidate pool was low. 

So how do you boost your candidate pool and attract top-tier talent? Here are three things you can do to improve your hiring process and make the next hire more positive. 

Who Wants the Same Old, Same Old?

No one likes a boring job or the same old thing. If you are having issues with a low pool of candidates, it could be that job seekers have read your job posting and have moved on, seeing nothing of interest to them. So how do you pique their interest enough to get more candidates to apply? 

People are looking for a lifestyle and a role where they can contribute to something bigger. So rather than just blandly listing out the job requirements, craft a “job story” that lets candidates know exactly what working for your company is like and what they will be contributing to. Some things to consider are starting with the most exciting part of the role, including your company story and some selling points beyond the job itself. But at the same time, don’t be gimmicky. Candidates will see right through those. 

Let’s Go Hunting!

Don’t worry, you don’t need an orange vest or camo for this operation. If you think your job listing is already pretty stellar, maybe you need to go searching for top quality candidates. There are two reasons that top tier talent may not have found your job listing: one, they aren’t looking for a new job (also known as passive candidates) or two, they just haven’t come across your job listing.

There are a couple of ways you can go “head hunting,” so to speak. One way is to utilize networks and referrals. Your current employees are a great resource so hit them up for referrals or ask them to tap into their own network to help find that next great co-worker they will enjoy collaborating with on the next project. 

Another option is to utilize recruitment marketing. This is when your company promotes its employer brand through the use of marketing tactics. The vast majority of both active and passive candidates are on social media, meaning it’s not an option to include social media recruiting. LinkedIn can be a great place to look for top tier talent. 

If you have a local college or university, working with the Career Department can get you fresh talent as well! Eager grads are ready to take on their first post-school job and make their mark and your company can help them do just that if you don’t overlook these hard workers. 

And don’t forget about more traditional methods of recruitment marketing, such as utilizing in-person recruitment events to their full potential. This allows for candidates to really speak to their skills and experiences that would otherwise be limited to a bullet point on a resume. 

Two Peas in a Pod: The Role of Company Culture

Today’s job seekers are savvy and they know what they want. If they don’t find it, they will move on to the next opportunity! One of the most important things job seekers look for today is a good cultural fit. When a company’s values and personality mesh well with the employee’s, it’s like two peas in a pod! In fact, a good cultural fit can make or break an employee’s enjoyment of the job. And when an employee isn’t happy, their work and productivity suffers–and so will your bottom line! 

But how do you find out if someone is a good cultural fit during the hiring process and not after a new hire has started working? You have to go beyond just talking about your company culture in the job listing or interview process. Sure those are great, but what if there was a test that could help increase your chances of finding a good fit?

Your call has been answered! Workzinga is here to make your next hiring processes more positive for everyone. Our personality test isn’t just for candidates, but companies too! And because we combine skills with personality insights, you’ll be able to find the right person for the job–someone who has what it takes to get the job done and someone who just fits well with your company culture. And when your new hire is happy, they’ll not only do great work, but they will stick around longer too!