How to Find a Job You Love Fresh Out of College

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5 Tips to Help You Find a Career You’ll Love, Even if It’s Your First Job

For college students, there’s a lot of stress at the end of senior year. You want to ace your finals, get a final good grade and find a job. But for many college grads, it’s not just about finding any job after school, it’s about finding a job you love! 

Who wants to wake up every day and go to a job they hate? No one! 

But how can you find a career you’ll love when you are fresh out of college? 

Here are a few tips to help you land that job you’re dreaming of!

1 | A Major Resource

You have a major resource right on your campus that can help you find a job you’ll love! It’s your college’s Career Office. Not only do they have job listings they can help you sift through, but they also offer professional resume critiques (which is way better than what your roommate can do, by the way), help you learn how to properly network and so much more. They can even help you find out what you are meant to do in your field, which means that you won’t waste time in jobs that you don’t enjoy doing. How’s that for landing a first job you’ll love?!

2 | Networking is the Game

Speaking of networking, use your final semester in college to build a network. Reach out on social media, on job sites, to friends and family, friends of family members, teachers and anyone that might have a connection that can help you. 

Because sometimes it’s not just what you know, but who you know! These connections can lead to a great job, and possibly one that you’ll love going to each workday. 

3 | You Got Skills, Man!

When you are fresh out of college, a lot of employers understand that you may lack specific “job chops.” But what many employers know is that many college grads are enthusiastic and ready to work hard. 

You do have skills to showcase that employers look for in college grads. Many of them want college grads who can get along well with co-workers, solve problems, communicate well and have a good work ethic. 

So try to convey these skills on your resume (here’s where that Career Center can help you find a good way to get that in). Knowing that you are working for an employer that is as excited about your enthusiasm and dedication can bring a lot of fulfillment and happiness for you in that first job. 

4 | Calling All Grads!

Recruiters are combing job sites, including sites geared for college grads and entry-level positions. They are looking for fresh talent and they know this is where they can find it. So get on these sites and do your thang! Some sites, like NACE will require access through your college’s Career Center (see, we told you this was a major resource you need in your life). When you know your employer has hired you because they want your fresh ideas, you’ll be excited to go into work each day. We know we love the satisfaction of being chosen for our new ideas!

5 | The Personality Puzzle Piece

As a college grad, you are probably worried that you may not have the skills and job experience that a company is asking for in their job listings. 

But did you know that many companies view workplace culture just as, if not more, important than skills? This means your personality and how it fits in with the office culture can be an important part of landing not only a job, but a job you’ll love! 

So how do you find a workplace that fits your personality and matches your core values? Workzinga is here to help! Our online personality test is for job seekers and companies alike! Stop wasting your time applying to jobs that just won’t make you happy in the end. You’ll find out a lot about your potential new employer, and you might even find out more about yourself! 

We’re here to help make your first job experience a positive one. All you need to do to get started is take the personality test!