How Hiring Software Gives Small Businesses a Leg Up

Blog / How Hiring Software Gives Small Businesses a Leg Up

Small Business Hiring Tools

As a small business, we know that you are pinching pennies. But we also know that when you do spend money, you want to make a good investment. 

And what better investment to make than in your own employees?

A company’s employees:

  • Interact with customers
  • Provide customer service
  • Come up with creative ideas to solve challenges
  • Help with the day-to-day operations of the company

No matter the size of your business, your employees are literally your most valuable asset. But you also want employees to feel a sense of ownership, belonging, and that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. 

What this all means is that it’s very important to hire the right people. But running your small business and worrying about keeping your hiring process organized can make even the hardest working owner feel overworked. 

That is where hiring software comes in. An ATS, or applicant tracking system, isn’t just for big companies and don’t make this mistake that it’s expensive either. Which is what makes it such a great investment for the success of your business!

What the What?

So what exactly does an ATS do? Here are some of the most common features:

  • Posting job listings across multiple sites
  • Creating a custom careers page on your own website
  • Accepting, storing, and sorting resumes
  • Allowing resumes to be searched by a variety of parameters
  • Custom emails
  • Automated responses
  • Tracking and storing all communications with candidates
  • Tracking each candidate through the hiring process

Won’t Let Your Cookie Crumble

When we hear the word tracking these days, we think of cookies on a web browser as well as apps. But as we just saw, an applicant tracking system is capable of so much more than just tracking. It helps organize the entire hiring process, ensuring your cookie won’t crumble during a search for a new employee!

This is because an ATS centralizes and streamlines the entire process. You aren’t spread out between emails, Word documents and more, making the whole process very efficient. Because who has time to waste on searching through emails when you have a business to run?! Not you!

Penny Pincher

All this sounds amazing and you are now probably left wondering what the catch is and thinking it is probably the price tag. But an ATS is really a cost effective option for small businesses. 

Just think of the time or manpower it takes to do a thorough hiring process. And there are really three options many companies have:

  • You can do it yourself without an ATS, and end up missing out on a great hire because they got lost in your email
  • You can hire a staffing firm that can be costly and may not get you the perfect candidates
  • Or, you can use an ATS to organize the process and find the best candidates yourself for a fraction of the cost of a staffing firm. 

If you are willing to put in just a little extra effort, you can save thousands of dollars in commissions, which can be especially important for startup companies that don’t have tons of cash to burn in the early stages. And if you have an in-house HR team, it can help make the process much more efficient, saving you time and money.

Time Saver

Speaking of time, an ATS can save you time in many different ways. First, you can post to numerous job sites with a single click. Second, you can make a custom career page in a snap for your website that updates easily when you have new job openings. (Not only is this a time saver, but you also don’t have to pay a web developer money to make a career page or to update it each time you have a new opening.) Third, it can send automated messages to applicants, thanking them for their submission, to schedule an interview or even send a considerate rejection letter to candidates you can’t hire. 

Final Thoughts

Candidates won’t slip through the cracks accidentally, meaning the biggest benefit an ATS brings is helping you hire just the right employee. You get the person with the skills you need and more, setting your business up for success. Who could ask for anything more?