How Baby Boomers Can Compete Against Gen Z for Jobs

Blog / How Baby Boomers Can Compete Against Gen Z for Jobs

4 Tips to Help You Market Your Greatest Assets to Companies During a Job Search

In the digital age change comes fast and furious, making it sometimes difficult for older generations in the workforce to keep up with all that new tech. Add on ageism and the “OK Boomer” trend and it can make competing for jobs against younger generations feel like the Hunger Games. And if you don’t feel like the odds are ever in your favor, it can be difficult to keep your spirits up while searching for that next big career move. 

But you’ve got game! There are things that Boomers have to offer that the younger generations like Millenials and Gen Z just don’t have under their belt. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for tips on how Baby Boomers can stand out and compete against younger generations for jobs. 

1 | Seasoned Pro

There is something to be said for experience. And you’ve got it in spades! Even if you are making a change in career, your past experiences have still taught you a lot, including interpersonal communication skills, leadership skills and more. And with that seasoned experience comes the ability to mentor younger generations, which can positively impact the entire company’s performance and help prepare younger generations for when it’s their turn to take over leadership positions. 

Tip: Make sure that you emphasize your emotional maturity and intelligence, which are key in supporting successful communications, personal interactions and even mentoring! 

2 | Diversity Dynamo

Companies do better when they have a multi-generational workforce. This is because different generations bring different perspectives and ideas. You have seen the change that happens over time and have encountered more types of human experience than someone only a few years into their career. This makes you more open to a variety of possibilities and gives you what it takes to solve challenges. 

Tip: Play up your ability to see things from a different perspective and how this makes you an asset for solving challenges the company may have. You might even study up on those challenges for an interview and come prepared with some ideas to prove your point. 

3 | Credible Counterpoint

In a society that values youth, it can sometimes feel like you are over the hill at 30 rather than 50! This makes it difficult to see that in many industries, youth actually can evoke skepticism rather than confidence. And trust between company and customer is imperative for success. And because you are a seasoned pro, you also bring an air of credibility to the company. 

Tip: If an employer seems skeptical about hiring someone of your age because they are afraid you don’t understand the latest trend in the industry, switch to talking about how your experience can help bring confidence to consumers, clients and partners. 

4 | Flex It! 

We may not all be Yoga pros, but because you are an empty nester, you have more flexibility–in part because you have less family commitments. This means you can take jobs with non-traditional hours more easily. And despite pop culture references to Boomers not understanding technology, you are actually quite savvy with it! You likely raised a Millennial which means you learned how to quickly adapt to new tech (either to help your kids out in school or thanks to the tips your kids gave you on using that smart device). 

Tip: Emphasize that you have the flexibility your prospective employer may be looking for in work scheduling. Also be sure to speak to your desire for personal development and learning new skills and tech, and that you have seen and adapted to many changes already. 

Lastly, when you are feeling like an old rag that is ready to be tossed aside in the working world, remember, you have experience, knowledge and drive! When an employer seems focused on the negative aspects of your age, switch gears and talk about the positives that come with experience. You are like a fine wine–you only get better as you age!