How AI Can Improve the Recruiting Process

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How Tech is Making the Recruiting Process for Job Candidates and Companies a Positive One

Ask any job seeker and they’ll tell you the job hunt and hiring process is one of the most broken systems in the world! Then, go ask any recruiter, and they’ll tell you they’re so overwhelmed that they don’t even know where to start to make the process better. It feels like a lose-lose situation, until you start to consider how artificial intelligence can be a tool to help improve the recruiting process, making it actually a win-win for all. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it. It’s used in so many different aspects of life, from chat bots on social media answering customer FAQs, to helping people find the right health insurance, and now, even the recruiting process! 

The Benefits of AI in the Recruiting Process
Unlike today’s latest self-driving cars, you don’t want to leave it fully on autopilot and fall asleep at the wheel, but if you have a large pool of applicants, it can help you narrow down the field a bit. Second, it can give you a deeper understanding of your potential candidates. We’ll get into that more later. And lastly, it can provide almost an immediate value and it elevates the quality of the recruitment process.

Now let’s jump into where AI can be used in the recruiting process and how it has improved those parts.

Better Process = Better Candidates
If there is one thing any HR manager knows, it’s that the quality of the hire is the most essential part of the recruiting process. AI can be used to improve this metric as well. Here are a couple of ways that can happen. First, AI can match candidates with an open position to apply for based on previously processed data. This means that the majority of your applicants will be quality applicants.

The second is through soft skill and personality testing. [Indulge us a bit while we tell you about our baby!] Workzinga’s proprietary algorithm combines both, allowing you to see who has the actual skills you need and has the personality that fits in with your office culture. Beyond that, Workzinga also allows companies to take a personality profile so that applicants can search for a company that fits their values and personality as well. Remember, just because the person looks good on paper, doesn’t mean they are the best person for the job, or that they fit in with your company culture. So let’s stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and let AI help us find the right match! 

With My Mind On My Money and Money on My Mind…And Time!
Okay, so maybe you aren’t throwing a party at the office like Snoop Dog, but like him, you probably have money and time on your mind when it comes to your company. AI can reduce the time and cost associated with the recruiting process. Traditional methods have recruiters manually screening resumes, which of course can take a lot of time and resources that you could be otherwise devoting elsewhere. But with AI, you can automate the initial screening process. This can speed up the process and save you the cost of hours of manual analysis. 

Better Diversity and Inclusiveness
You might be wondering if this automated process is any good. Turns out AI can help get you more diverse and inclusive hires as well. The key is to build your datasets for the hiring process from scratch to ensure a good representation of the population. Doing so can lead to a database that doesn’t take gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or appearance into account. And while it isn’t an exact science, it can help you overcome some of the biases of good ol’ humans and bring more diversity to your workplace. 

Good Communication is Key!
Anyone who has hired anyone knows that sometimes recruiters can get overwhelmed manually responding to all candidates who apply and that communication can suffer. However many candidates expect an immediate response after applying for a job and that they are informed whenever the company makes a decision. No one likes to be “ghosted.” AI can improve the recruitment workflow including automating communication, such as sending an email when a candidate applies, or one detailing what happened with the position they applied for. This can save you time and your recruiters some stress. 

You can improve the hiring process with just a few simple tools and technology. Ready to make hiring a win-win for everyone involved? It’s pretty obvious that AI is just the start!