4 Lessons from Tinder to Use in the Hiring Process

Blog / 4 Lessons from Tinder to Use in the Hiring Process

4 Things To Help You Swipe Right on Top Talent

As a company, you don’t want to keep getting mediocre job candidates applying for your open positions who just don’t fit in with your company. You want top talent that is going to bring something as unique as your brand every day to the job with passion and creativity. In other words, you want a job listing to bring your company nothing but opportunities and the promise of a great partnership with a few clicks. 

The Problem: The Matter of Culture

How do you find that great partnership? It’s all about cultural fit. When an employee’s values are more in line with the company’s, they not only stick around with the company for longer, but they are more productive and creative! And top talent understands this so they actively seek out companies with good cultural fit. 

But despite the importance of good cultural fit among many job seekers, nearly seven in ten American workers have experienced being in a job that was not a good cultural fit (69%). And when you break it down by generation, Millennials experience this in the highest proportion, with 73% of them saying they have been in or are working in a job that is not a good cultural fit. And it’s not much lower for the rest of the generations either. Gen Xers clock in at 70%, Baby Boomers at 64% and Gen Zers at 62%. 

The Solution: What Tinder Can Teach Us

We understand how important it is to avoid hiring the wrong candidate. When someone is unhappy at work, they leave sooner and you end up wasting more resources on hiring over and over and over again. What you need is something like a dating app, but one that makes matches for the workplace. Something that helps match up the right job candidates with your company. 

But there is a ton of competition for attracting the attention of top talent, just like there is a ton of competition on Tinder to get the attention of potential love matches. So with such hot competition, how do you fight for and get that attention? How do you embark on that war to attract the right candidates? 

Here are Four things you can learn from Tinder about hiring the right job candidate.

1 | Best Foot Forward

Each company has its own cultural fingerprint. And making an impression as to what your work culture is like starts with first impressions. If you don’t make a good first impression on your office culture, then top talent will move right along. 

Cliche Tinder profile pictures often get a swipe left. And the same is true for images that a company uses. Top talent has probably already seen that cliche Shutterstock image at least 200 times already, not to mention that stock photos don’t really convey what your company culture truly is. So use photos of your actual employees, especially if you have a very diverse group of workers. 

Some other first impression mistakes to avoid include:

  • Dull or cliche company descriptions that don’t give insight into your company culture
  • Badly formatted logo
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Being vague with compensation levels listed
  • Site or microsite that crashes often
  • Creating a fake perception of your company

Remember, it’s the little things that matter to help make your first impression really count! 

2 | Honest Abe

We just mentioned that you shouldn’t create a fake perception of the company above briefly and we want to dive into that a bit more. Tinder dates don’t like to be catfished. In other words, don’t make yourself sound like a sports fanatic when you aren’t, just to get a date with someone you think is sporty. 

The same is for your company when attracting top talent. Be honest about what the job entails. Don’t wait until they start in the position to drop a bombshell of “you need to pick up my drycleaning each week.” 

3 | Strongman

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. On Tinder, you might be competing with someone who looks like a model for the attention of matches. But using Photoshop to make yourself have ripped abs or thigh gap isn’t going to win you points in the honesty department. Instead, play to your strengths. If you aren’t confident in your looks, the goal is to use a photo that shows you hiking, throwing some pottery or wherever else shows that you are fun to hang out with!

When it comes to recruiting, you want to do the same thing. Be honest, but tap into your brand as an opportunity to play to your strengths. If you offer all your employees flexible scheduling, highlight that! If you offer opportunities for personal development, talk about it! 

4 | Personality Profile

And finally, Tinder teaches us that matching based on interests and personality is most important. We’ve all been there–that date that we thought was going to be awesome but turns out you just weren’t a good match on personality. Like, you love video games, but your date thinks they are a waste of time. Yeah. Us too. What if you could one up Tinder but in the recruitment world? What if there was a personality test for job seekers and companies? 

Good news! There is! But a simple personality test won’t cut it. You need something that is going to look into personality and soft skills, and dig into psychology. Unlike other tests out there, Workzinga’s personality assessment combines soft skills and personality insights, giving you a better look at who is the right candidate for your company. And because Workzinga’s assessment tool is for candidates and companies, you’ll have confidence when you swipe right that you’re getting a pool of top talent to choose from!