Reflections on 30 Years in HR with Lisa Perez, CEO of HBL Resources


There’s been a lot of talk about the Great Resignation. Much of that talk is negative. Sure, having to deal with an increase in hiring can be problematic for companies. But you should really look at it this way: it is really a Great Opportunity.

A Tidal Wave

The global pandemic had huge ripple effects on the workforce. Some might have even felt like it was a tidal wave of upheaval.

Employees at all stages of their careers reflected on what was truly important to them, personally and professionally. They evaluated their worth and whether or not they were recognized, respected, and appreciated at work. Regardless of potential career advancement, they considered their mental health, well-being, and workplace fulfillment.

In many cases, employees found that their priorities shifted, which left them feeling unhappy in their current jobs. Now, many workers are seeing opportunities to move up and find jobs they really want or like. This can be an opportunity for employers too if they play their cards right!

Gotta Have It

So what exactly are job candidates looking for these days? In order to avoid a perpetual hiring loop, you must offer employees what they are looking for.

Job seekers are no longer focused solely on numbers. In other words, a big paycheck isn’t the end-all-be-all. While people want to be compensated fairly, they are also seeking out meaning in their work. In other words, they are looking for opportunities to grow and contribute to something bigger than themselves. They are looking for a positive work culture they fit in with.

They are also looking for flexibility in their work schedule and environment. Hybrid work is in high demand. Job seekers want to be recognized and work in environments that support and celebrate diversity.

Hire for Culture

Employees say that they are more productive and creative in jobs they have a good cultural fit with. They also stick around for at least twice as long because they are happier in their job and derive more fulfillment from a position and company that aligns with their core values. It also means that you won’t be constantly rehiring for open positions. So invest in your new hires and current employees–when your employees succeed, so does your company!

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