Get to Know Our HR Assessment Tools at SHRM New Orleans

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by | Jun 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Why You Should Come to Visit our Booth #3349

We are so excited to have a booth at the upcoming SHRM Conference! This year, SHRM22 will be held in New Orleans and virtually from June 12 to 15. 

You know we love all things HR, and we are looking forward to many of the in-person and virtual sessions this year, but even more so to see all of you who will be attending the conference in person!

Here’s what you’ll learn and get to do when you visit our booth!

Discover in Action

Discover is our newest tool to help you make better hiring decisions! This solution is a fantastic way for companies to learn more about themselves, understand their job applicants more thoroughly, and discover the alignment between the culture your company offers and the culture your candidates are seeking. 

Why does this matter? You can make better hiring decisions when you know more about your candidates and how they might fit your company’s core values and personality. 

At our SHRM22 booth, you’ll get a chance to see this new solution in action! You’ll see precisely how you can determine how well-aligned your applicants are with your current job openings, company leadership, and workplace atmosphere. We can’t wait to show you how Discover can help you get to know your potential candidates deeper. 

And don’t worry, we won’t just show you how Discover works, but answer all of your questions! 

Chat it Up

We also will have our head psychologists and psyshometricians here to talk to you! They helped us design our Culture Fit Assessment, making it more comprehensive than any other pre-employment assessment in the market today! They can speak to you about the 26 characteristics we look at for culture fit and how our Culture Fit Assessment can work for your organization. Want to talk psychology? We’ve got the people here who love digging deep about the psychology around workplace culture! 

Learn Why Culture Matters

As you can probably tell, our world revolves around workplace culture. Helping companies make better hiring decisions is what motivates us each and every day at Workzinga! 

Many organizations often overlook workplace culture during the hiring process. But culture does matter–and at our booth, we’ll help you learn more about why it matters so much. As a teaser, we’ll just say that taking culture fit into consideration has some very positive benefits you need to know about!

Have Some Fun with Us

We take workplace culture seriously, and that means having some fun too! Not only will you learn about the importance of workplace culture and how our solutions can help you make better hiring decisions, but we also have some fun things for you to do. 

Come by for a refreshing treat to keep you cool this summer! Who doesn’t love snowballs –we think it’s quintessential summer, especially in New Orleans in the summer! We’ll also have a silent disco. By participating in the silent disco, you’ll be entered to win 10 FREE culture fit assessments. We are giving away 12 prizes total–that’s one every hour. Whoa!

Need to charge up your device? We’ll have a charging station you can take advantage of! And, of course, we’ll have some sweet Workzinga swag! Who doesn’t love free swag? 

We look forward to seeing you there!