How Cultural Alignment Can Help You Make Better Hiring Decisions

Blog / How Cultural Alignment Can Help You Make Better Hiring Decisions

Let’s face it, getting to know potential job candidates through traditional methods isn’t really an ideal way to make the best hiring decision possible. 

There’s only so much space for information on a resume and only so much time during an interview to get to know a candidate.  

But what if there was a better way? What if you could learn more about their true personality and cultural values? 

What if you could make better hiring decisions?

Introducing Discover

We are excited about the launch of our newest tool:  Discover! What is Discover? It’s a solution that helps companies learn more about themselves, understand their job applicant more thoroughly, and discover the amount of alignment between the culture you are offering and the culture your candidates are seeking. 

Why Is Culture Fit So Important?

Culture fit isn’t just a buzz worthy phrase. Workplace culture is extremely important to consider in the hiring process. Our research shows that when an employer and an employee are aligned on their culture preferences:

  • People stick around for longer
  • They work harder
  • And they have better mental wellbeing!

Having better culture fit means you reduce turnover rates and the costs associated with attrition. Not to mention that your HR team will thank you for not constantly having to rehire for a position!

But more than that, better alignment on culture means your employees are excited to show up to work each day and give it their all! Employees who have a good culture fit are more productive, motivated and creative. 

These days, people want more out of their jobs. They want to not only feel like they are a part of an organization that is committed to doing something bigger than themselves, but they want to have an employer that cares about them as a person. When your company and employees have better alignment on culture, they experience better mental wellbeing, making it a key part of showing that you care about your workers. 

Intrigued about culture fit now?

How Does Discover Work?

Workzinga helps you find alignment on culture fit. We offer a Culture Fit Assessment. It’s more comprehensive than any other pre-employment assessment on the market today. It checks for culture alignment on 26 characteristics. 

Discover allows you to determine how well aligned your applicants are with your open positions, your leadership, and your company atmosphere. This helps you to really get to know your potential candidates on a deeper level. Just imagine how different the actual interview process will be! 

You’ll be able to not only make a judgment based on hard skills, education, and employment history, but on personality and core values as well. And when you have more information to base your decision on, you make better decisions. 

Will Discover Interface with My Applicant Tracking System?

We understand that you’ve already invested a lot in your current ATS. Discover is an excellent addition to the processes you are already using to track and manage your potential candidates. You can export your Discover report to send to hiring managers and interviewers during the recruiting process. We are already building future enhancements that will include building an interface with popular ATS products on the market. 

The Positive Results

When you hire for culture fit, you’ll see amazing positive benefits! First is a reduction in the cost of recruiting. When you reduce turnover and increase the longevity of your workforce, you’ll experience a decrease in hiring costs! 

It also leads to increased productivity and creativity. Your highly motivated employees will give you more ideas to solve the challenges your organization faces. And that can mean a positive impact on your bottom line. 

But moreover, alignment on culture means you will have happier employees who work better together! And better mental wellbeing leads to further increasing productivity and creativity, creating a cycle of positive benefits.

To get started on your culture fit journey, visit our website today!