Tips to Actually Get Ahead in Your Career

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5 Things You Need to Do to Find Success No Matter Your Industry

If there is one thing I hear often, it’s how many job seekers and employees feel stuck in their careers right now. But why? It’s because so many are playing by an old set of rules. The workforce has changed, but many just haven’t adapted. 

In today’s day in age, companies are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who can move a business forward, and even sometimes wanting them to do more with fewer resources. This means job seekers have to start competing on another level.

It’s not enough to just do your job. You have to do more if you want to get ahead in your career. Here are some tips that will help you thrive in this new era.

1 | Keep the Door Open

We live in a tumultuous world. It used to be that you could graduate college and get a secure job. But today, you can get laid off if the economy so much as looks like it’s turning in the wrong direction, your job could be outsourced, or you could be pushed out after your company is acquired. 

This means you need to be open to new opportunities when they come along. It also means building a strong online presence so that you’ll attract them too. In other words, keep the door or a window open–don’t close yourself off to opportunities that can help you get ahead.

2 | Change Maker

Not only do you need to be open to new opportunities, but you need to be able to adapt well to changes in your job. For example, you may end up with a new supervisor and you’ll have to quickly adapt to their leadership style. If customer behavior changes, you’ll have to be willing to help the company roll with the punches in order to find long-term success. To best position yourself, evaluate yourself. Understanding your core strengths can help you determine where you need to gain skills that can be used across various functions and roles at the company. 

3 | Investor Class

Every company is obsessed with ROI (return on investment) right now and they aren’t willing to take risks on hiring people. They want to invest in people who can get the job done well and add value to the company. 

As a job seeker, you’ll have to prove your worth. Instead of just applying for a job, presnet how you would add value to the company. You can’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk on this. Come prepared with examples or a case study that proves you’ll be an asset to the company. Think of it like a show and tell.

4 | Tomorrowland

Many employees are constantly looking for opportunities for professional development. In order to compete with them, you’ll need to learn skills for the future. Start by getting a sense of what the market is looking for. You can do this by reading industry news, watching educational online videos, talking to people in your network, finding a mentor and so on. Once you figure out what companies are looking for in the way of skills now and in the future, you can then work on gaining those skills.

5 | Safety Net

Finally, you need to build a strong network. One reason is that if you surround yourself with the right people, you will in turn become better and more confident in your career as you learn from them and as they cheer you on. Also, that network can act as a safety net. If you do happen to get laid off, you will be able to rely on them to help you find new opportunities and get noticed, rather than just being one resume in a stack of them.