Enneagram for Work: How can the Enneagram Help You?

Blog / Enneagram for Work: How can the Enneagram Help You?

How the Enneagram Takes Us Down a Path of Self-Awareness that Positively Benefits Our Work

You can’t have a high performing team without self-awareness and compassion. Part of that self-awareness is understanding how you view the world. The enneagram describes nine ways of seeing the world, each with their own unique strengths and blind spots. 

Learning to recognize these different points of view is what enables us to better understand not only our own motivations, needs, concerns and style of working and relating, but those of our co-workers as well. 

What is the Enneagram?

So what exactly is this Enneagram? It’s a personality typing system that gives us insight into ourselves, like what makes us tick and our strengths and weaknesses. However don’t get stuck with the notion that it’s a box that we get placed in. Rather, it shows you the box you are already in so that you know how to get out of it by introducing choice and the freedom to let go of what no longer serves us. I

t’s sort of like not knowing how to get somewhere new until someone gives you a map. Just think of this as a map of your strengths and weaknesses that can help lead you down a path of personal growth. 

Now you might be dubious. How is a personality typing system supposed to help with personal growth? And we get that, but personality tests are great personal assessment tools. 

The Enneagram isn’t just a rundown of your traits, but rather an exploration into human behavior and motivation. When we start to recognize the behavior patterns we fall into and the motivations behind them, we can begin to make different choices that lead us down a more productive, self-aware path. 

How the Enneagram Can Help at Work

We’ve already mentioned that the Enneagram can lead to better self awareness. It helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses which can help your team become more productive. Deep down many of us understand that our productivity issues stem from, well, our issues. You know, the things that are probably best shared with your therapist. A trendy life hack isn’t going to help us become more productive. Unfortunately we often turn to these because we want the path to productivity to be short and smooth. 

So think about that advice you have gotten that hasn’t worked. And it’s because different things motivate the different Enneagram personalities. While one person may need a motivational speech, another person may need someone to tell them that it’s okay to take something off their plate. 

Once you become more self-aware, you also become more aware of those around you. The Enneagram can help your team welcome diversity, build rapport, reduce conflict and cooperate more effectively.

Knowing your own type and your co-workers’ types is just the beginning. The second step is putting that knowledge into practice. Once you do, it can help you better leverage your strengths and your teammates strengths. It can also improve culture through empathy and understanding. The Enneagram allows employees to become their best selves rather than learning another way to squeeze just one more task in during the day. 

What’s Even Better Than the Enneagram?

Now, what if you took what you know about your own personality, and applied it to work culture? And what if you could get a read on the companies you’re applying with? What if you could go one step further than the enneagram for work and have a comprehensive assessment to help you find your dream work experience? If you’ve been looking for that tool, look no further! Workzinga is that assessment and we’re changing the face of the hiring process!