Hiring Tools to Transform the Recruiting Process

Over the past year, our team has developed a hiring tool providing a revolutionary transformation of the hiring process. Unlike the existing pre-employment assessments on the market, the Culture Fit Assessment measures twenty-six objective characteristics that give a deep understanding of the whole person behind the traditional resume.

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Achieve Your Goals Through Alignment

The human factor behind job skills is often the driver of employee turnover. People rarely quit because of their job tasks; people quit when there is a misalignment between the company’s leadership style, culture, and the employee’s work style.

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Culture Fit Assessment

When a company uses our Culture Fit Assessment, they can make hiring decisions based on a complete picture of who that applicant is at work, what drives their work performance, and how to support them best to grow their skills.

Culture Fit Assessment

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Pre-employment assessments on the market today measure six to eight characteristics. Our Culture Fit Assessment measures twenty-six characteristics that give a deep understanding of the whole person that exists behind the traditional resume.

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“We believe there’s more to a company than a job posting and there’s much more to a candidate than a resume”