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The Culture Fit Assessment, available exclusively on the Workzinga Discover Platform, is a comprehensive, objective tool that serves job seekers and companies, allowing them to make well-informed decisions while minimizing personal biases.

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Our assessment was created by a team of psychologists and psychometricians specifically for the workplace. Rigorously validated to ensure optimal reliability, the assessment is designed to generate authentic responses.

Use Culture Fit Data In Your Hiring Decisions

Choosing the right candidate is always a challenging decision. Give your company the edge by incorporating data about cultural fit alignment, which ultimately benefits both company and candidate.

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The Culture Fit Assessment looks at 26 characteristics spread across three broad categories. We designed it to objectively determine the company’s and the candidate’s cultural alignment.

Company Ideals

Focuses on the company’s workplace values, as well as the environment or atmosphere.




Focuses on the type of leadership and motivation the manager employs with their current team.



Job Persona

Looks at the specific behavioral and personality characteristics that make someone in this position successful.



“Since using the Workzinga assessment, I have personally recommended it to several company leaders. It was easy for all parties involved to use, and it gave what continues to be accurate results. The Culture Fit Assessment provided the missing piece in the hiring process!”

-Megan, Owner, The Consultancy

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How We Compare

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Culture Fit Pro Assessment differ from other pre-employment assessments?

There are three main differences between the Culture Fit Pro and other pre-employment assessments used today.

First, our Culture Fit Pro measures numerous characteristics, ranging from leadership style to motivational factors to workplace values. Our unique solution is far more holistic than other tools and provides are far more comprehensive profile.

Second, most assessments are one-sided, meaning the company learns about the candidate and the candidate gains nothing from the process. Our solution is a two-sided process, where the candidate can learn just as much about the company as the company learns about the candidate. This approach democratizes information, empowering both sides to make better-informed decisions.

Lastly, our Culture Fit Pro produces a comparison report, showing the level of alignment between the company and candidate, as well as key descriptions of the types of characteristics we measure.

When would the Culture Fit Lite Assessment be appropriate to use instead of Culture Fit Assessment Pro?

Culture Fit Pro is best used when hiring to fill a full or part-time positions, and you want to understand how well aligned the candidate is with the hiring manager and the job position, as well as your company culture.

Culture Fit Lite is great when hiring seasonal employees, large scale hiring events or temporary employees where you want to understand their alignment with your culture primarily, however you’re not as focused on their alignment with their hiring manager or the job position.

Why does every job position have its own set of comparison assessments?

We are providing you with an analysis of how your applicants align with a specific job. In order for our Culture Fit Pro Assessment to be as beneficial to you as possible, we need to compare the candidate to the leadership being provided to that particular job, as well as a profile of the ideal persona for that job. By giving you the flexibility to have various leadership and job persona assessments for comparison, you receive a highly accurate and actionable assessment of the alignment between your applicant and the job.

What are the three sections to the Culture Fit Pro Assessment?

Each section of the Culture Fit Pro Assessment addresses a different group of workplace characteristics.

First, we look at company ideals – the traits that make up your company values and atmosphere.

Second, we look at the leadership style of the hiring manager – this is the person who will be leading the candidate you select.

Third, we look at the persona of the job itself – what are the specific characteristics that will make this role successful.

This comprehensive approach will allow for a far more accurate and useful comparison. While other products may look at a small subset of traits, we take a holistic approach.

Who within our company should take the comparison sections of the Culture Fit Assessment?

The Culture Fit Assessment which your company takes provide critical information in the overall comparison, so it is important that the individual sections of the assessment be taken by the right individual(s).

The Company Ideals focus on the traits that make up your company values and atmosphere; this should be taken by someone close to the everyday culture of the organization, which may not necessarily be a top executive. Choose someone who knows what the day-to-day environment is for your workforce.

Knowing the leadership style of the hiring manager is also key, so ask the person who will be leading the candidate to complete this section.

The persona of the job will tell us valuable information about the specific characteristics that will make this role successful. The hiring manager may be a good person to complete this section; another option is to select a high performer already in this role or someone else close to the position who can speak to the traits needed for the job.

Does my company need to take the Company Ideals section more than once?

We recommend that your company takes the Company Ideals section of the Culture Fit Assessment once every 12 months, or sooner if your company experiences any large changes, such as sudden growth or a change in leadership.

What if my company has multiple locations?

Your company’s culture will likely be very similar throughout a single location, however it can vary significantly if your organization has multiple offices, sites, branches or other types of locations. If you do have multiple facilities, we suggest you have each location take the Company Ideals section to properly reflect their unique culture in the Culture Fit Assessment. There is no additional fee for having multiple versions of the Company Ideals section for all of your locations, so feel free to be as granular and specific as you want to be…the more narrowly focused your comparison sections can be, the better and more useful the results of your Culture Fit Assessment will be.

Do all of my hiring managers have to take the Leadership assessment?

The alignment between a candidate’s preferred leadership style and a potential supervisor’s style is important in determining culture fit. Since leaders in a company have their own individual style, we advise that each hiring manager take the assessment to ensure your Culture Fit Assessment shows the alignment as accurately as possible.

We use the Culture Fit Pro version. What do my results mean?

The Culture Fit Pro Assessment provides a great deal of information about both the candidate and the company. There are also indicators about the level of alignment between the company and candidate. Here is a summary of what you will see in the report:

In the header you will see an overall alignment visual representation – this takes into account all the characteristics being measured. The report then breaks down into five categories:

Atmosphere describes the type of environment in which the candidate thrives, as well as the type of environment the company offers. You will see a description of each, as well as a visual showing the amount of alignment.

Hiring Manager details the leadership style a candidate prefers, as well as the style of the hiring manager. Here you will see a description of each, as well as a visual showing the amount of alignment.

Motivators are the sources of motivation the candidate responds best to, and the motivating tools used by the company and hiring manager. Again, you will see a description of each and a visual showing the alignment.

Work Values show the values the candidate brings to the job, as well as the values of the company. Each are presented as word clusters.

Job Persona are the personality traits the candidate brings to a specific role, and the traits necessary for the job for which the company is hiring. These are shown on a horizontal scale, with a descriptor at each end and icons showing where on the scale the company and the candidate each appear.

What is considered a good percentage on the results page?

That really depends on your organization and what you are seeking. A higher percentage will mean a stronger alignment with your current culture. Typically you’ll want to see a high number here if you want to hire for a good fit with your current culture.

However, if you see characteristics in the candidate’s results which you like and may want to shift your team or the company in a slightly different direction than where you are today, then the report will show you what you’d be getting if you hire this person…maybe a lower alignment percentage is exactly what you want in that situation!

Additionally, each sitiuation is different and you may find your self with a limited number of candidates, or an especially skilled candidate, and yet the alignment percentage is lower than what you were hoping to find. In that case you may make a pragmatic decision to accept the lower culture fit in order to fill a specific position. Even if that is your situation, you will at the very least be going into the relationship with your eyes open; you know what to expect, where you are aligned and what trouble spots you might have in the future.

How long does the assessment take?

We recommend allowing 15 uninterrupted minutes for each of the sections you need to complete.

Can I have my current employees take the assessment?

Sure! Our Partner Relations Manager can work with you on a custom solution so your current teammates can complete the assessment.

What do you mean when you say the candidate is well-informed?

The Culture Fit Assessment is a useful tool for identifying the alignment between a company and a candidate. Not only does the company receive the report, but the candidate also receives a version as well. We want candidates to be more highly engaged and better equipped for the interview process, and the Culture Fit Pro Assessment plays a vital tool in that effort. Candidates will now have a deeper understanding of the culture offered by the company and make better career decisions.