Jobs From Hell – And How To Avoid Another Bad Cultural Fit

Blog / Jobs From Hell – And How To Avoid Another Bad Cultural Fit

5 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Job

Unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced a job from hell. Whether gossip oozed from every corner of the office, the boss was full of nothing but criticism, high turnover was commonplace, or the personality of the company just didn’t mesh with you, it can be disheartening. 

Those toxic work environments can be bad news for your mental health. They decrease your creativity, productivity, and overall feelings of job satisfaction. But it also increases depression and anxiety. 

So how do you avoid taking a job from hell when it seems that many companies are pretty good at hiding their toxicity? 

Here are five tips to avoid another bad cultural fit.

1 | Whatever I Can Get

Having an “I’ll take whatever I can get,” attitude rarely ends well. And very rarely does a dream gig ever just fall into your lap. Understand that a job search is going to take a while. And even if you are trying to leave a current job that is bad, don’t take the first job that comes along just to get out of the current one or you’ll end up in the same situation. 

2 | It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

As Jessie J. says, “it’s not about the ba-bling ba-bling!” If your attitude is that you’re at least getting a paycheck, then it’s probably not a job you are going to enjoy. Most of us spend 5 days a week at our jobs, some even more. That is a lot of time to be doing something you don’t enjoy just for the money–even if it is a big paycheck. 

3 | Acceptance Speech

This isn’t the Oscars so don’t just go off the cusp and accept something because you’re thrilled at the time. If the job is offered to you in the middle of an interview, ask if you can take some time to think about it. Don’t just immediately accept an offer during an interview (no matter how great it’s going) or without negotiating salary or any other benefits first–negotiating means you are willing to stand up for yourself and that you won’t be walked all over. 

4 | The Dog Ate My Homework

Take the time to do your research–failing to do so is like doing your homework but letting the dog eat it or forgetting to turn in the assignment. Think about what type of job you want, what you hope to get out of it, or even what industry you want to work in (perhaps you’ve been wanting to break into a new industry). Research a company before you even apply by looking at their company mission and values. And don’t just rely on what the hiring manager or interviewer says. Companies with a bad culture can be very good at parsing their words carefully. Talk to former employees and learn what the real office culture is like too–don’t just take what the company’s website says at face value. 

5 | Do Take a Personality Test

You might think it’s odd, being told to take a personality test to avoid a bad job. However personality and work culture go hand in hand. But you shouldn’t take just any personality test. There are a lot out there, but not every test is going to give you a company personality profile. 

Workzinga is for job seekers and companies alike. We like to think of ourselves as a dating app of the working world, matching up companies and job seekers based on soft skills and personality. Our goal is to make the job search and hiring process a better experience for everyone by matching companies and job seekers on cultural fit. When you and a company mesh better, you’ll get more than just a paycheck out of the job–you’ll do better in the job, improve your skills, move up in the workforce and have higher job satisfaction!