5 Things that are Turning Off Your Applicants

Blog / 5 Things that are Turning Off Your Applicants

How Companies Attract Quality Candidates:

It’s important to remember that you aren’t just interviewing prospective candidates for a job, but that applicants are also interviewing you, in a sense. So even though you hold the power to decide who gets the job, you still need to put your best foot forward as well. When a company doesn’t do that, they can really turn off quality candidates, making it difficult for you to get the right person for the job. 

Here are 5 things you might be doing that are turning off your applicants and making it difficult to attract quality candidates.

1 | Nothing But Crickets
Let’s face it, no one likes to be ignored. First impressions say a lot so make sure that when a candidate walks into your reception area, that they are met with eye contact and even greeted. Nothing says “this place seems like a friendly one to work at” than a receptionist ignoring someone coming in for an interview. If your reception area is unattended, be sure to let your interviewees know ahead of time. And let all the other employees know that you’ll be interviewing people and to be friendly if they happen to walk through the reception area. 

Second, “ghosting” a candidate is never okay. What is ghosting? Never following up. Nothing irks a job candidate more than never hearing that they are no longer being considered. Not following up can lead to some serious brand damage. You may not care for your current role, but over time, you’ll lose people who know not to waste their time applying for your jobs.

2 | This Just Isn’t Clear
It is crucial that you set a clear process and expectations for the hiring process from the get go. Nothing is more frustrating for an applicant than not knowing when interviews will take place, when the decision will be made and whether or not feedback will be part of the process. Be sure to include an estimated timeline of events in the job listing (even those LinkedIn job postings you create) and to provide the final part of the timeline again (decision and feedback) at the end of each interview. This will help keep everyone on the same page. 

3 | No Time for Questions
At the end of your interview, give each candidate an opportunity to ask questions. This is part of a positive two-way assessment. Not only does it give candidates the opportunity to get to know you better, but it even helps give you more insight on a prospective candidate. It can even help you know how much research they did ahead of time. For example, if the answer to their question can be found on your website, they may not have done enough legwork for the interview. 

4 | The Power Card
A big turn-off for many applicants is when a prospective employer overplays their “I hold the power” card during an interview. Remember that your demeanor should be welcoming and friendly throughout the process, otherwise a candidate may feel they could only be working for a tough negotiator and not a supportive manager or co-worker. 

5 | Late to the Party
Being late to interview candidates screams “I don’t care!” Be on time and prepared to have a discussion based on the resume–which also means to do your homework the night before and not just cramming it in right beforehand. And if the interview process is running late for some reason, be sure to apologize that you have kept them waiting. A simple apology can make a big impact.

Start off on the Right Foot
When a company doesn’t make a good first impression, it can really turn off quality candidates. They may decide not to apply at all, or may not accept a job offer if they don’t feel your company is a good fit for them. Go step further and utilize the power of Workzinga to help you attract quality candidates and put your best foot forward. This allows prospective candidates to find insights about the personality and culture of the company they are applying with. This means that you’ll be getting candidates that fit well with your company and you won’t be wasting your time (or theirs)! Our goal is to provide just as much insight to the candidate as we do the employer and provide a more positive experience for everyone. Try it today!