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We’re glad you’re here! That means you care about workplace culture just as much as we do. We are passionate about creating tools for employers AND jobseekers that help them find the best possible culture fit and the best possible job at the same time. We are building a suite of tools to improve the job search and hiring process. Take a look at our Culture Assessment for jobseekers and watch for the other tools we’re releasing soon!

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Are you searching for a job? Looking for the right culture fit? Take our Culture Fit Assessment and learn valuable insights into your unique job persona and core workplace values.

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Dan Hunter


Dr. Margarida Rafael

Clinical Psychologist

Connie Hill

Director of Business Intelligence

Cole Evans

Marketing Officer

Lauren Hunter

Data Analyst

Cedric Dent Jr.

Staff Writer

Julie Barnick

Principal Engineer

Serena Peacher

Director of Sales

Marian Blakely

Partner Development Manager

Carli Marlowe Quinn

Partner Development Analyst


Good Culture vs. Bad Culture: Does it REALLY Matter?

Our research shows that people stayed with a job over SIX years if there was a good culture fit. By comparison, survey respondents stated they left in less than three years if the culture experience was negative! We commissioned a third-party study to learn about workplace culture and we’d love to let you in on all the findings!

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September 13, 2022 - September 16, 2022
HR Tech 2022
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