The Ins & Outs of Holistic Hiring

Blog / The Ins & Outs of Holistic Hiring

Holistic. You’ve probably heard this word used in all sorts of areas of your life–health and lifestyle are generally the ones that come to mind.

But what does holistic really mean? It is simply something that is made up of intimately interconnected parts and understood only by reference to the whole.

So the idea of holisticness can be applied to many things in our lives, including hiring.

Wait, What?

What exactly is holistic hiring? It is a recruiting or hiring process that focuses on the employee as a whole. It is a very individual-centered approach that evaluates the entire person.

In other words, you aren’t just focusing on their professional skill set. Rather, organizations that choose this hiring method focus heavily on a candidate’s values and how they line up with those of the organization.

Hiring an individual whose values align with the organization’s values creates connection with your employees and increases their longevity. Compatible personalities between co-workers and superiors can positively impact the new hire’s overall happiness in the company and even how productive and creative they are on the job.

And while skill sets are important, it’s key to remember that your employees aren’t just warm bodies executing a job in robotic fashion. They are people first and foremost, so considering more than just their proficiency in coding or Microsoft Office is a must if you want employees who stick around and do great work for you!

How to Implement a Holistic Recruitment Strategy

You are probably wondering just how you evaluate a candidate’s values and compare them to the organization’s values. It’s easier than you might think! Here are some steps you can take to approach your hiring in a holistic way.

Take Your Time

Take your time during the interview process. This may mean you need to do more than one round of interviews or to schedule longer interviews so you really get to know the person on a deeper level. Initial phone screeners are great, but to really let a candidate’s personality shine through, be sure to have an in-person interview. Furthermore, your interview should be in-depth, detailed, and intentional. We are looking for quality here, and you’ll only know the true quality of a candidate by taking your time to really get to know them.

Ask About Values

Make an effort to ask about values. Holistic hiring is about the big picture, so go beyond qualifications and skills. Don’t just ask about their values. Ask about their work history and their previous companies’ values. This will give you insight into what they are looking for in future employment. Remember, if their values don’t line up perfectly with those of the organization, that’s O.K.! Just know ahead of time what you consider your non-negotiables, and go from there. In other words, don’t let “perfect” get in the way of “really great.”

Interaction and Connection

Consider having rounds of interviews with different members of the company or taking the candidates on a tour of the building to see how they interact with others. This will give you a good idea of how well their personality matches with your current employees and give you valuable input from others in the company.

Focus on the Long-Term

In this fast-paced world, we are often more concerned with the short-term than the long-term game. Evaluate each candidate’s leadership potential. Are they cut out to be a team player or team leader? Are they motivated to work on personal growth that can help them move up the proverbial office ladder? A candidate’s longevity is a crucial piece of the puzzle!

Take a Personality Test

No really. It can tell you a lot about your company and about each candidate. Ultimately, this can keep both parties from making a bad decision.

How Workzinga Can Help

We developed our pre-employment assessment to stop the constant hiring loop insanity. Our solution is designed to combine personality insights with soft skills. We help companies and candidates align in a more holistic way.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make moves on your next amazing new hire! Explore our Culture Fit Assessment or reach out to our Zinga Experience Team to get started!