5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Blog / 5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

How Hiring is Often Like Dating: We’re All Trying to Avoid the Bad Dates!

Ever been on a truly bad date? Wish you would have swiped left instead of right? Hiring for jobs is often like dating where everyone is looking for the right chemistry and the right fit. It’s safe to say that hiring employees is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your business. Recruitment strategy is everything… the success of your business depends on your employees. 

We also know that hiring is probably one of the least enjoyable parts of your operation because it can be time-consuming and sometimes very costly. Let’s face it, who likes sifting through resumes and coming up with interview questions? It can be tempting to cut corners but that only leads to making mistakes and bad hires–something you definitely want to avoid. 

Learn from those who came before you and avoid these costly hiring mistakes!

1 | Big Time Rush

We know that it can be hard to not rush to a decision, especially when you really need to have a position filled, like yesterday! But in order to make a good hire, you need to take the time to do your due diligence. So don’t wait until the night before to come up with interview questions and don’t rush the actual interview process. In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time. 

2 | Dripping in Excess

Overly ambitious job postings can be intimidating and may keep some excellent candidates from applying. Really think about what you need for the job. Do you really need someone with a doctorate in a particular expertise? Do you need that 10 years of experience with a particular program? If not, don’t add it to your job listing. We aren’t saying don’t aim high, but keeping your job posting grounded in reality can bring you valuable hires that you might not have otherwise met. It can also help avoid unintended bias in your job postings. 

3 | I’ll Take Exclusive for 500, Please

Another mistake related to skill requirements is disregarding applicants who don’t fit the job profile perfectly, particularly those who have a more broad skill set. It might seem like being exclusive when it comes to considering skills is a good idea, but don’t mistake these more broadly skilled applicants as too inexperienced. These candidates are often curious and passionate and have taken on a broad set of challenges that can help your company to meet challenges, think differently or expand in new directions. If a candidate has experience rising to other challenges, that may be a characteristic you need too! 

4 | “Gary, this is Gary, our new hire.”

Are you checking your internal biases at the door? Left unchecked, these biases can lead to some poor hiring decisions. One of the more prominent types of biases in hiring is known as affinity bias. This is when you are biased toward someone of the same gender, race or background as you. Companies that can’t be critical of their own biases can end up overlooking the right person for the job. Not to mention that bringing diversity to your workforce greatly improves your company; it brings a broader set of ideas to the table, giving you more pathways to success! 

5 | Experience is King

Who needs personality when you have skill, right? Wrong! A candidate may have all the right skills and experience, but they just don’t fit into the culture of your workplace. Not only do you want someone who is able to get along with your existing employees, but you also want someone who’s values align with your company’s core values. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that experience and skill are more important than personality and culture! 

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